5 Important Things that the Bloodline of Dog Breeds Can Tell You

The bloodline of a dog can tell you a lot about what to expect in the future. Of course, at Italian Boxer Dogs of Aurora, we believe in nature and nurture. So while all of our dogs have pedigree papers (check out this page for how to read AKC papers) we believe that it doesn’t completely predict the future. That means that a good pedigree in the wrong hands can produce a bad dog and vice versa.

Still, the bloodline of a purebred puppy is very important. While researching options and breeders, you may have read this term often but may not know what it means. Most often it refers to the history outlined on the pedigree papers. When you are looking to buy a purebred puppy, bloodline plays an important role. Bloodline has to do with family history, breed, health, personality, and show potential. Let’s look at these factors more closely.

1. A dog’s bloodline tells us about his ancestors. It tells us the story of where he came from and what type of traits we can expect. A dog’s ancestors contribute to his or her make-up. Purebred dogs that are bred responsibly will have documents to indicate the previous generations, their traits, and show wins.

2. The bloodline influences breeding. Breeders look for certain traits in dogs they want to breed with. The bloodline tells them everything they need to know. Defects or undesired traits in the most beautiful dog may make him or her an unlikely candidate for breeding.

3. The bloodline highlights health issues. If you can follow the bloodline of a dog, you will be able to see what types of health issues, genetic deficits, and behavioral problems can be expected from a specific breed. This helps a lot in preparing for your puppy and it helps breeders know what problems they need to try and eliminate through breeding.

4. The bloodline influences the personality of a dog. Behavioral traits and personality are influenced by genetics more than you may think. Breeders will be able to match up dogs to produce puppies with certain temperaments and personality traits. You should be able to find information about the expected puppy’s personality simply by asking about the parents.

5. The bloodline indicates show potential. If you are looking to enter your dog in shows, checking the bloodline is very important. The bloodline will tell you how many competitions were won by ancestors and give you an idea of the show potential you can expect.

Information about the bloodline of the puppy you want to buy is essential if you are looking for specific physical or personality traits or want a show dog.