Italian Boxer Dogs of Aurora is a Boxer breeder located in Aurora, Colorado. We specialize in breeding Boxers from the Italian bloodline. While the breed started in Germany, and we can trace our bloodline back to the Germany, our main studs really became prominent through the work of Italian breeders. The Boxer dog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Boxers make great family dogs and have friendly and warm temperaments. As breeders, we aim to produce the best possible Boxer pups that will become a blessing and a dedicated member of his or her human family. For us, that means breeding for health first and appearance second. Many breeders focus only on winning shows, don’t work with a veterinarian and don’t care about the long term healht of their dogs.

That’s not us. We work closely with a trusted and local veterinarian who provides guidance over everything we do. We believe in the health of the animal first. Winning shows is always second for us.

Italian Boxer Dogs of Aurora uses safe and legal breeding methods and ensure that all of our puppies are sold to good homes. The new-born puppies are raised for the first few weeks on the kennel farm and trained and socialized before their forever families can purchase them. We guarantee that you will get a well-behaved, socialized, and loving puppy to add to your family. Our puppies come with a medical guarantee.

We have litters a couple of times a year and all our puppies are booked and sold long before they even open their eyes. If you are interested in buying an Italian Boxer dog, keep an eye out for notices about when the next litter will be due. Check our homepage or sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date.