We Love The Cherry Creek State Off Leash Dog Area!

We just want to make sure everyone knows about the Cherry Creek Off Leash Dog Area in Aurora! We sell boxers to a lot of new dog owners and after the basics, one of the essential things we share is just how great this park is! The park is over 100 acres and like name tells you, dogs are free to run around wherever they want! Awesome!

Be prepared to bath your dog thought because there are plenty of areas for your dog to swim! While everyone should walk their dog for an energy release, sometimes you just can’t keep up with your dog. That’s where the off leash dog park comes in! Old or young, your pup will sleep like a baby after running around the off leash park for an hour.

Keep in mind there are park hours and there is an entry fee. However, it is very affordable! While the prices change you can click here for the latest price information.

As of this writing, prices are only $2 for a day and $20 annually! Well worth it for what you get! Where else in Aurora can you find 100 acres of beautiful land free for dogs!

For more information (including some great pictures) check out the review from Bring Fido!

Here’s the address for the park:

Boxer Dog Medical Concerns

Aurora boxer dogs and health concerns

While we always breed for health first, the fact is boxers are living creatures and just like every other living creature they are susceptible to disease. We put this article together to make sure that every potential buyer of an Italian boxer dog understands the health risks that simply associated with the breed.

#1: Various types of cancer

When it comes to dogs, there are a number of different types of cancers that develop. As the owner of a boxer, you need to be aware of these various lumps, tumors and other masses that form from time to time. You need to be sure that you get your dog to a veterinarian who can provide you with an exam to figure out if your dog has developed any kind of cancer.

#2: Heart disease and blood pressure issues

These dogs tend to have hereditary heart issues that can give them poor circulation. They may suffer heart attacks or other forms of cardiovascular issues which can hamper their growth and overall health. These heart issues tend to manifest as the dog reaches adulthood and can become a serious problem with your boxer. The best thing you can do to curb this is make sure that you feed your dog nothing but healthy dog food and give them plenty of exercise.

#3: Digestive problems

Your dog tends to deal with gastrointestinal problems, as this is a common issue that boxer owners notice. Your dog may be experiencing nausea, vomiting, gas and other issues that can get in the way of their natural diet. You will be able to reach out to the veterinarian in order to see if they can provide your boxer with any sort of supplements or medicines that can prevent these gastrointestinal problems from becoming more serious. Make sure that you stay on top of your dog’s diet overall in order to prevent them from dealing with these sorts of issues on a regular basis.

#4: Eye diseases

Boxer dogs tend to deal with ocular diseases regularly that can become quite painful. For instance, these dogs sometimes develop ulcers and other types of bumps on the inner lining of their eyes, which can become intense to the point of them being irritated. Your dog can also experience this pain and discomfort in the form of watery eyes and other such issues. You will need to take your dog to a veterinarian in order to get the properly diagnosed and to be sure that there are no further eye disease related problems that they are dealing with. By getting a proper diagnosis, you will have a much better opportunity to help your dog fix these issues.

#5: Brain issues

When you take your boxer in for a veterinarian visit, you need to be sure that they are checked out for neurological issues. These issues vary from spinal cord pain and discomfort, numbness in their limbs, incontinence and even the inability to walk. By making sure that you get your boxer checked for neurological issues, they will have the opportunity to receive medical help that allows the dog to develop and move past this issues whenever possible.

The more that you learn about owning a dog, the better you will be able to care for it. As a person who is looking to be an informed dog owner, you will want to give yourself an opportunity to capitalize on these issues. You will have all that you need in order to keep your boxer healthy, whether it is a puppy or a fully grown dog.

With these tips in mind, make sure that you learn as much as you can about these dogs and the issues that they deal with, so that you can then reach out to a veterinarian professional who can assist you accordingly.

While we can’t promise that your dog won’t fall victim to any of these diseases, you should know that do offer a 1-year guarantee for the health of your dog. Find out more about our partnership with a local Aurora veterinarian and pet insurance company and how it will help you rest easy for your new family member.

Italian Aurora Boxer Bloodline

5 Important Things that the Bloodline of Dog Breeds Can Tell You

The bloodline of a dog can tell you a lot about what to expect in the future. Of course, at Italian Boxer Dogs of Aurora, we believe in nature and nurture. So while all of our dogs have pedigree papers (check out this page for how to read AKC papers) we believe that it doesn’t completely predict the future. That means that a good pedigree in the wrong hands can produce a bad dog and vice versa.

Still, the bloodline of a purebred puppy is very important. While researching options and breeders, you may have read this term often but may not know what it means. Most often it refers to the history outlined on the pedigree papers. When you are looking to buy a purebred puppy, bloodline plays an important role. Bloodline has to do with family history, breed, health, personality, and show potential. Let’s look at these factors more closely.

1. A dog’s bloodline tells us about his ancestors. It tells us the story of where he came from and what type of traits we can expect. A dog’s ancestors contribute to his or her make-up. Purebred dogs that are bred responsibly will have documents to indicate the previous generations, their traits, and show wins.

2. The bloodline influences breeding. Breeders look for certain traits in dogs they want to breed with. The bloodline tells them everything they need to know. Defects or undesired traits in the most beautiful dog may make him or her an unlikely candidate for breeding.

3. The bloodline highlights health issues. If you can follow the bloodline of a dog, you will be able to see what types of health issues, genetic deficits, and behavioral problems can be expected from a specific breed. This helps a lot in preparing for your puppy and it helps breeders know what problems they need to try and eliminate through breeding.

4. The bloodline influences the personality of a dog. Behavioral traits and personality are influenced by genetics more than you may think. Breeders will be able to match up dogs to produce puppies with certain temperaments and personality traits. You should be able to find information about the expected puppy’s personality simply by asking about the parents.

5. The bloodline indicates show potential. If you are looking to enter your dog in shows, checking the bloodline is very important. The bloodline will tell you how many competitions were won by ancestors and give you an idea of the show potential you can expect.

Information about the bloodline of the puppy you want to buy is essential if you are looking for specific physical or personality traits or want a show dog.