We Love The Cherry Creek State Off Leash Dog Area!

We just want to make sure everyone knows about the Cherry Creek Off Leash Dog Area in Aurora! We sell boxers to a lot of new dog owners and after the basics, one of the essential things we share is just how great this park is! The park is over 100 acres and like name tells you, dogs are free to run around wherever they want! Awesome!

Be prepared to bath your dog thought because there are plenty of areas for your dog to swim! While everyone should walk their dog for an energy release, sometimes you just can’t keep up with your dog. That’s where the off leash dog park comes in! Old or young, your pup will sleep like a baby after running around the off leash park for an hour.

Keep in mind there are park hours and there is an entry fee. However, it is very affordable! While the prices change you can click here for the latest price information.

As of this writing, prices are only $2 for a day and $20 annually! Well worth it for what you get! Where else in Aurora can you find 100 acres of beautiful land free for dogs!

For more information (including some great pictures) check out the review from Bring Fido!

Here’s the address for the park:

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